Instagram for Windows phone to retire

Instagram is about to drop its Windows 10 Mobile app at the end of this month. in a message inside the app, Instagram has begun alerting its users that it will be retired on Windows phone on April 30. The app will no longer be available after that point, the company says. (via Neowin)

In its place, Instagram recommends any lingering Windows phone users turn to the web app by using their mobile browser. It doesn’t look as if this move will have any impact on the current app for Windows 10 PCs.

The message was first pointed out by Reddit users, who have suggested alternatives, like Winsta, to take the dedicated Instagram app’s place. Alternatively, you can pin Instagram’s web app to your start screen for easy access.

Windows 10 Mobile is presently on its way to the grave; therefore it’s not shocking to see another major app drop support for the platform. The latest version of Windows 10 Mobile, 1709, is expected to lose official support from Microsoft in December.